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October 2023
We have moved servers again, as Bluehost our existing provider tried to extort a geat deal of money out of us to stay with them. We are paid up for three years, so should have a bit of stability. Any users who did not get their new login details should contact of the Farkouh.NET administrators, Alex & Ghaith.

May 2023
Added support for CloudFlare's content management system to our website, this has added IPv6 support.

February 2023
SSL encryption added to our website.

January 2020
Over the past twelve months we have moved servers and had a number of changes to our platform, including standard mailboxes becoming unlimited in size and SSL encryption for all mail accounts.

December 2018
For our 20th birthday next month, we have moved to a new server, all users should now have their new login details. We have lost the option of Microsoft Exchange accounts in the move. You will need to contact the Farkouh.NET Administrator to setup a FTP account if you want to update your website.

April 2018
Microsoft Exchange mailbox accounts have been upgraded to Exchange 2016 and now come with 50GB of storage as standard.

Standard mailbox accounts now come with 2GB of storage as standard.

June 2014
Microsoft Exchange mailbox accounts now come with 30GB of storage as standard.

October 2013
Standard mailbox accounts can now be upgraded in 2GB chunks to a maximum of 10GB.

November 2012
Website font changed.

June 2012
A new Prices page has been added to the site, do not worry no service that is current Free of Charge will become subscription only, but some new additional services that you may be interested in have been added, for example bigger 2GB mailboxes and even Microsoft Exchange mailboxes with 10GB of storage space and a Free of Charge legal copy of Microsoft Outlook.

A new security system has been added to our FTP accounts which enable uploading of webpages. In future you will have to ask the Farkouh.NET administrator to unlock your FTP account before you can upload your web pages.

November 2007
Farkouh.NET has moved to a new home on a new server, with new features including 400MB mailboxes and unlimited web space for all users and a new high performance Webmail Client at http://webmail.farkouh.net/. Any users who did not receive an email informing them of their new login details please contact the Farkouh.NET administrator.

January 2006
The Farkouh.NET server has moved from Manchester to London Docklands, during the move there were a few problems with incoming email messages bouncing, but these should now be resolved and if you are experiencing any problems please let me know.

January 2005
The new website for 2005 is released, this new site continues the same layout that has evolved since 1999, but the site has been rewritten to use the latest web technologies including XHTML and CSS2. Whilst a certain amount of backward compatibility has been lost, the site should now be forward compatible with the new wave of web browsers currently under devolopment.

A new webmail application has been installed for users who have their email stored on the Farkouh.NET server. This new webmail uses the IMAP4 postoffice protocol and so you can use multiple folders to sort your email messages. Many new features have been added, so please look through your options and configure webmail.

The site slowly evolves and the webmail application gets replaced a few times as technology advances.

Q1 2000
The now well known Farkouh.NET site design is launched to replace the plain 1999 site. Basic webmail functionality is added to the site.

Q1 1999
The Farkouh.NET online community is launched and membership is opened to Farkouh family members worldwide.

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